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Josh* interned as a Videographer serving in the Near East, and is now joining the Near East team long term. We asked him to describe the highlight of his internship:

Two things. First, having the opportunity to travel the field and meet with so many workers to see their individual ministries and try to tell their story.

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Second, going on the LMT outreach. I can’t say how encouraging it was to spend two weeks with believers from all around the world handing out literature to Muslims in rural areas. It was an amazing experience.

I think God showed me that He can and will work through me in ways that I never imagined before. I think I also learned to trust more in His faithfulness.

His field supervisor had this to say about his time with the team:

Josh was a blessing! He created three videos for the field and launched the new OM Near East Facebook Page. “Like” it to get great updates from the Near East field!

We have presented the opportunity to Josh to come back to the Near East Field and the wider Middle East North Africa (MENA) Area for a one-year position (with the option of extending), after he has completed his college education. He would travel throughout the region creating ministry overview videos for each country and field.

Advocacy tools are a profound need for this field and for the greater MENA area. Josh would be a vital asset to the ministry by creating videos that would be used for recruiting workers, prayer and resources for this region of the world.

*Names changed

David Geis


David Geis served as an Intercultural Studies intern in El Salvador. He shares:

I would definitely recommend OM to others. OM is very flexible and accommodating in meeting needs (especially specific university internship requirements).

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[This internship brought] a new perspective/worldview to my everyday life. [I received] lots of helpful leadership and support—including translating, amazing food, supplies, and explanations of cultural things.

Above is a picture taken at the graduation ceremony in Tepetitan, El Salvador. I spent 6 weeks teaching guitar lessons, and this girl was my best student. She was impacted so much by our work that she brought gifts and even her mother to the ceremony. I later learned that her family is Catholic and her mother is the ex-mayor. I was excited to hear that the small impact I had in this little girl’s life may work its way into her mother and therefore the entire community, as her mother still has a lot of respect and influence in that area.

This internship was a requirement for my Intercultural Studies Major at Biola University. I spent 6 weeks living and working with the OM El Salvador Staff and putting on this program for kids.

Nathaniel Ng


Nathaniel Ng served as a Medical intern in El Salvador. He shares about some of the challenges:

Each day of clinic I was also able to shadow the doctors and nurse practitioners as they asked the patients for symptoms, diagnosed the diseases, and prescribed meds from the supplies we had.

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It was interesting to see the reoccurring symptoms and diagnoses like parasite infection, GI infection, muscle or joint pain, etc. A doctor from Germany expressed that the hardest part about hosting a day clinic is when a patient very obviously has a serious chronic illness like diabetes we are not able to address at all. People in countries like the U.S. and Germany have a means to treat diseases like diabetes but don’t have the desire, and a lot of the people in El Salvador have the desire to treat the illness but don’t have the means. This demonstrates major healthcare disparities around the world, and the need of medical programs to help educate people about and treat these illnesses.

As part of his course requirements, Nathaniel also submitted a reflection paper part way into his internship. We thought you might enjoy reading his impressions.


April*, a student who taught English in Myanmar shared this:

Wow. God is amazing. The highlight of my time over there (aside from fellowship with the awesome team, of course) was building relationships with my students.

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My favorite morning was when the Lord used me to share the Creation story with a group of students who had never heard about Creation or Jesus. It was amazing to see how easily the Lord can allow a seed to be planted and (I) pray for it to continue growing!

The Lord taught me so much personally. There was much spiritual warfare, and I was able to see the power of the Spirit move through prayer and healing within me. The Lord also placed on my heart the desire to carry out 1 Corinthians 10:31. He really solidified my purpose for living—to bring Him glory. I no longer want to live for myself or for the pleasures of the world. He is my purpose, and He wants me to stay in constant contact with His Spirit in order to live minute by minute according to His best for my life.

The leader of the Myanmar team shared this about April:

Being cheerful, flexible, and helpful, April has been a great blessing and encouragement to our team in Myanmar. The team and the children in the orphanage all miss her even though it was just a few months of knowing her. She has definitely made an impact in Myanmar. Thanks for sending April.

Shirley Turner

Shirley Turner served as a Teaching intern in Bosnia, and then completed her degree in education. She eventually joined our Zambia Team to do Teacher Training, and is there now as a long term missionary. We asked about her highlights in Bosnia:

(One highlight was) getting to see the need for a young guy to receive tutoring in math and being there to help him prepare for high school exams, when previously he had refused help.

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We were able to spend 3 afternoons studying and then found out he passed the exams! I also very much enjoyed being a part of the prayer camp and seeing how the Lord is building His church in Bosnia. It was also a wonderful experience to help one of the believers paint his house.

God showed me that He has plans that I couldn't think up on my own if I tried, and that He has a place and a way for me to serve others every day. I just need to be sensitive, listen, and obey in the small steps each day!


Mary* and Elizabeth* worked for a number of days during the summer at the children’s ministry camps run by Fadi, an Arab Christian working in Nazareth. He had this to say about their time:

As for Mary and Elizabeth, what can I say? Those two sisters in the Lord were a big help and a bigger blessing, not only to us, but to all they came in contact with.

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They both have a Christ-like spirit and personality. They have been a great addition to our summer teams and have really made an influence in the camp programs. They are so nice, kind, meek and obedient. They are willing to do what's asked from them and even more. All those who had the privilege of meeting them said the same about them. I hope and pray we will be blessed by having them return or others who follow in their footsteps.

OM’s International news site also published an article regarding a ministry encounter that Mary and Elizabeth had during their time in Israel.

*Names changed

Dr Daniel Caballero

Dr. Daniel Caballero, Country Leader of El Salvador, who hosted one Medical intern and two Intercultural Studies interns last summer, including David and Nathaniel, had this to say:

First let me give you some feedback from our time with the interns we recently had. I believe it was a wonderful experience for both them and me.

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I really enjoyed it and I think they also enjoyed their time here. But beyond that, lives were transformed—not only of the local people, but also of themselves. I would be really happy if we could have more interns coming to be part of our team/projects.

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