Learning Arabic for My Internship


Shirley Turner served as a Teaching intern in Bosnia, and then completed her degree in education. She eventually joined our Zambia Team to do Teacher Training, and is there now as a long term missionary. We asked about her highlights in Bosnia:

(One highlight was) getting to see the need for a young guy to receive tutoring in math and being there to help him prepare for high school exams, when previously he had refused help.

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We were able to spend 3 afternoons studying and then found out he passed the exams! I also very much enjoyed being a part of the prayer camp and seeing how the Lord is building His church in Bosnia. It was also a wonderful experience to help one of the believers paint his house.

God showed me that He has plans that I couldn't think up on my own if I tried, and that He has a place and a way for me to serve others every day. I just need to be sensitive, listen, and obey in the small steps each day!

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