Learning Arabic for My Internship


April*, a student who taught English in Myanmar shared this:

Wow. God is amazing. The highlight of my time over there (aside from fellowship with the awesome team, of course) was building relationships with my students.

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My favorite morning was when the Lord used me to share the Creation story with a group of students who had never heard about Creation or Jesus. It was amazing to see how easily the Lord can allow a seed to be planted and (I) pray for it to continue growing!

The Lord taught me so much personally. There was much spiritual warfare, and I was able to see the power of the Spirit move through prayer and healing within me. The Lord also placed on my heart the desire to carry out 1 Corinthians 10:31. He really solidified my purpose for living—to bring Him glory. I no longer want to live for myself or for the pleasures of the world. He is my purpose, and He wants me to stay in constant contact with His Spirit in order to live minute by minute according to His best for my life.

The leader of the Myanmar team shared this about April:

Being cheerful, flexible, and helpful, April has been a great blessing and encouragement to our team in Myanmar. The team and the children in the orphanage all miss her even though it was just a few months of knowing her. She has definitely made an impact in Myanmar. Thanks for sending April.

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