Learning Arabic for My Internship


Mary* and Elizabeth* worked for a number of days during the summer at the children’s ministry camps run by Fadi, an Arab Christian working in Nazareth. He had this to say about their time:

As for Mary and Elizabeth, what can I say? Those two sisters in the Lord were a big help and a bigger blessing, not only to us, but to all they came in contact with.

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They both have a Christ-like spirit and personality. They have been a great addition to our summer teams and have really made an influence in the camp programs. They are so nice, kind, meek and obedient. They are willing to do what's asked from them and even more. All those who had the privilege of meeting them said the same about them. I hope and pray we will be blessed by having them return or others who follow in their footsteps.

OM’s International news site also published an article regarding a ministry encounter that Mary and Elizabeth had during their time in Israel.

*Names changed

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