Learning Arabic for My Internship



Nathaniel Ng served as a Medical intern in El Salvador. He shares about some of the challenges:

Each day of clinic I was also able to shadow the doctors and nurse practitioners as they asked the patients for symptoms, diagnosed the diseases, and prescribed meds from the supplies we had.

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It was interesting to see the reoccurring symptoms and diagnoses like parasite infection, GI infection, muscle or joint pain, etc. A doctor from Germany expressed that the hardest part about hosting a day clinic is when a patient very obviously has a serious chronic illness like diabetes we are not able to address at all. People in countries like the U.S. and Germany have a means to treat diseases like diabetes but don’t have the desire, and a lot of the people in El Salvador have the desire to treat the illness but don’t have the means. This demonstrates major healthcare disparities around the world, and the need of medical programs to help educate people about and treat these illnesses.

As part of his course requirements, Nathaniel also submitted a reflection paper part way into his internship. We thought you might enjoy reading his impressions.

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