Learning Arabic for My Internship



David Geis served as an Intercultural Studies intern in El Salvador. He shares:

I would definitely recommend OM to others. OM is very flexible and accommodating in meeting needs (especially specific university internship requirements).

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[This internship brought] a new perspective/worldview to my everyday life. [I received] lots of helpful leadership and support—including translating, amazing food, supplies, and explanations of cultural things.

Above is a picture taken at the graduation ceremony in Tepetitan, El Salvador. I spent 6 weeks teaching guitar lessons, and this girl was my best student. She was impacted so much by our work that she brought gifts and even her mother to the ceremony. I later learned that her family is Catholic and her mother is the ex-mayor. I was excited to hear that the small impact I had in this little girl’s life may work its way into her mother and therefore the entire community, as her mother still has a lot of respect and influence in that area.

This internship was a requirement for my Intercultural Studies Major at Biola University. I spent 6 weeks living and working with the OM El Salvador Staff and putting on this program for kids.

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