Learning Arabic for My Internship



Josh* interned as a Videographer serving in the Near East, and is now joining the Near East team long term. We asked him to describe the highlight of his internship:

Two things. First, having the opportunity to travel the field and meet with so many workers to see their individual ministries and try to tell their story.

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Second, going on the LMT outreach. I can’t say how encouraging it was to spend two weeks with believers from all around the world handing out literature to Muslims in rural areas. It was an amazing experience.

I think God showed me that He can and will work through me in ways that I never imagined before. I think I also learned to trust more in His faithfulness.

His field supervisor had this to say about his time with the team:

Josh was a blessing! He created three videos for the field and launched the new OM Near East Facebook Page. “Like” it to get great updates from the Near East field!

We have presented the opportunity to Josh to come back to the Near East Field and the wider Middle East North Africa (MENA) Area for a one-year position (with the option of extending), after he has completed his college education. He would travel throughout the region creating ministry overview videos for each country and field.

Advocacy tools are a profound need for this field and for the greater MENA area. Josh would be a vital asset to the ministry by creating videos that would be used for recruiting workers, prayer and resources for this region of the world.

*Names changed

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