Application Process

Take your first step by choosing the top three internship options that match your skills, your interests, and the requirements of your course of study. Read on to find out why.
We lay out each step below, but if you have any questions, check our FAQs or feel free to contact us if there’s something that is unclear.


one.fw CHOOSE 3

Choose three possible internships from the opportunities listed on our site.
Why three? We encourage you to select three options so that you have the greatest likelihood of getting placed in an internship that fits what you’re looking for. We can’t guarantee the ability to honor everyone’s first request, so it will be helpful for you to select several options.
If you look through all the internship opportunities and don’t find one that fits your discipline, please contact us, as we may be able to offer customized internship placements in some situations. We would be happy to talk through those options with you.

two.fw Login

The OM Internship Application Process is handled through a secure, personalized online form system. Your first step is to create your personal ID and login. This ensures that your information is kept private, and allows you to save your work and come back to it later.  CREATE LOGIN

three.fw Apply

Once you have created your personal ID and login, you can complete the online Application Form. Please fill out all the questions – this will help our team tremendously as they work to find the best internship placement for you and for our missionaries in the field.  APPLY

four.fw Evaluation

After you have completed and submitted your online application, the first thing we will do is clarify some of the details with you. We want to make sure we get it right! Another important part of our process is collecting your references, and then we will also do a background check. An added step at this stage of the process is discussing with you to clarify placement, dates and budget. We want to make sure this is a superb experience for you, so we work very hard to place you in an internship that fits, that the dates are clear, and that you have a good understanding of what the budget will be and how we handle the financial portion of the process.

five.fw Accepted

We will be working closely with the field to make sure the process continues smoothly. As soon as we receive word that you have been accepted for your internship opportunity, we will inform you!

six.fw Prepare

This is a busy stage! Think of all the things that need to happen before you’re ready to head out... This part of the process includes raising your funding, reading the study materials we send you as you think and plan for your internship, booking your flights, and getting immunizations and applying for visas, if that should be needed. It’s a lot to plan for and accomplish, but we’ll be helping you along the way with each of those things.

seven.fw Go!

What Others Say...

I would definitely recommend OM to others. OM is very flexible and accommodating in meeting needs (especially specific university internship requirements). [Read more]

David Geis, served as an Intercultural Studies intern in El Salvador.

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