Internship Track: Intercultural Studies
Type of Internship: Intercultural Studies
Country: Egypt
Teaser: Come study language and local culture while participating in ministry, learning ministry/life balance and exploring the country
Suggested Dates: Summer session begins early June, Fall session - early October, Winter session – early January, Spring session - Early March
Date Flexibility: It typically runs for 9 weeks (two months), but ending dates are negotiable. One month minimum commitment Ask about alternative starting dates.


plus airfare, emergency medical insurance and visa costs. *According to current currency exchange rates and your estimated time commitment. To be adjusted to actual dates of internship and actual exchange rates at the time of internship.

Number of Interns Needed: 6
Positions still available: 6
Description: In CUBE you will be involved in an intensive internship program aimed at empowering you to be effective in cross-cultural ministry. CUBE is run as a group with Arabic classes together 4 days/week, team day, Bible study, trips and sightseeing.  CUBE directors are involved directly, serving as guides for cultural understanding and keeping close contact with language teachers and ministry supervisors.
The six sides to CUBE:
Study Egyptian colloquial Arabic - speak to people in their heart language.

Study Egyptian culture; understand the people and their perspectives.

Study Islam and learn to work in this culture; be effective in sharing your faith in a cultural sensitive manner.

Spiritual/physical health:
Learn balance in ministry, including intentional spiritual development and physical fitness as part of weekly schedules.

Ministry involvement:
Learn how ministry works cross culturally, getting hands-on experience 20 hrs/week in a specific setting. Possible types of ministry include friendship evangelism, arts ministry, literature distribution, reaching out to Nuba Refugees, adult education, empowering women, children’s ministry, Relief and Development, serving the disabled children and garbage collectors, involvement in the local church activities, medical miniseries, reaching out to Bedouin tribe communities, construction and teaching.

Experience Egypt through organized trips and sightseeing opportunities;
Meals will be prepared and eaten where you live and you might also have to cook some days.  You will be introduced to Egyptian cuisine so be prepared to try new things!

Skills/ Experience Required: Good health, flexibility, desire to learn, servant attitude
Qualifications of on-field supervisor: Degrees in Theology and Teaching, Trainer, HR Specialist and Counselor with 10 years of experience of serving in the Muslim World.
Is a homestay with a national possible? Yes. It can be customized upon request.


What Others Say...

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