Internship Track: Communications
Type of Internship: Photography
Country: Nepal
Teaser:  In a fairly remote country like Nepal there are many unreached people groups. Millions are untouched by the transformational impact of the gospel, simple because no one has been there yet.
We want all to see and understand the needs in Nepal, the overall vision of OM-Nepal and how we try to meet those needs. You will help us to capture all what is been done in the villages. While traveling and serving as photographer you experience life in Nepal yourself too.
Suggested Dates: Choose your dates, one-month minimum
Date Flexibility: Flexible, one-month minimum


plus airfare, emergency medical insurance, visa, and immunizations. *According to current currency exchange rates and your estimated time commitment. To be adjusted to actual dates of internship and actual exchange rates at the time of internship.

Number of Interns Needed: 1
Positions still available: 1
Description: When you join us as photographer you will experience how God is working in the villages. You will learn about the Nepali church, Hinduism and Buddhism, and the daily life of OM Nepal team members. You will trek for multiple weeks into remote areas of Nepal and capture the work of our disciple makers. In this way we can share what God is doing in Nepal.
Details of Ministry:
In Kathmandu you will receive introduction to the culture and training about the language and different religions. Furthermore you travel with a buddy to some of the least-reached districts. In these rural areas you will visit various teams, have interviews and make pictures. You will learn in a very practical way about Hinduism and Buddhism and will pray over areas where we want to see fruit. You will get a taste of what ministry among people in one of the hardest-to-reach countries is like.
Skills/ Experience Required: You are ready and most welcome to join when you:
• Are passionate about seeking out what God is doing and communicate that with others
• Have photography skills and your own equipment (writing skills are a plus);
• Have a good understanding of English language;
• Are willing to travel (a lot) in Nepal;
• Are in fairly good health condition, both physically and emotionally;
• Are open to God changing your life;
• Are self-motivated and disciplined to meet deadlines;
• will be flexible with any changes or circumstances;

Qualifications of on-field supervisor: BA degree from Taylor University in English Creative Writing and New Media (Mass Communications), worked in a Media lab at University for 2 years, with focus on video, photography and design help, 4 years’ experience working in and then leading a Communications department in OM.
Is a homestay with a national possible? Yes. The home stay option would depend on how long the internship is.


What Others Say...

[God] really solidified my purpose for living—to bring Him glory. I no longer want to live for myself or for the pleasures of the world. He is my purpose, and He wants me to stay in constant contact with His Spirit in order to live minute by minute according to His best for my life. [Read more]

A student who taught English in Myanmar

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