Internship Track: Communications
Type of Internship: Journalism
Country: Italy
Teaser: Use your passion for media and communications for God’s glory! Come join our team in Pisa at OM Italy, share stories of what God is doing and help more people hear the Gospel, while also building your portfolio and experiencing cross-cultural missions. 
Suggested Dates: September-April, minimum 3 months


plus airfare, visa and emergency medical insurance.*According to current currency exchange rates and your estimated time commitment. To be adjusted to actual dates of internship and actual exchange rates at the time of internship.

Number of Interns Needed: 1
Positions still available: 1

As a Communication Journalist, together with other members of the communication theam, you will communicate what God has done and is doing in Italy. You will inspire others to get involved in world missions through newsletters, emails, websites, blogs and other publicity materials.

Tasks will include:

- Gathering stories and photos through personal involvement, research, and interviews
- Participating in local ministry  endeavors as well as outreaches throughout the country in order to write reports from eye-witness perspective
- Editing the work of others as well as writing from scratch
- Conducting interviews and doing research in order to write stories and campaign reports
- Creating and sending out newsletters, prayer updates, and ministry articles
- Updating the website with regular fresh content

Skills/ Experience Required:

- Able to write stories from multiple angles and for multiple audiences/media
- Able to conduct interviews, gather facts, and communicate creatively
- Ability to stay organized, be flexible, and try new ideas

Qualifications of on-field supervisor: Master in Sports Journalism and Graduate Degree in Theology.
Is a homestay with a national possible? Yes


What Others Say...

[God] really solidified my purpose for living—to bring Him glory. I no longer want to live for myself or for the pleasures of the world. He is my purpose, and He wants me to stay in constant contact with His Spirit in order to live minute by minute according to His best for my life. [Read more]

A student who taught English in Myanmar

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