Internship Track: Communications
Type of Internship: General Communications
Country: Hungary
Teaser: Use your passion for media and communications for God’s glory! If you have a couple spare weeks or a few months in the summer, you can fill a vital need for our OM team in Hungary: Sharing the stories of what God is doing and helping more people hear the Gospel while also building your portfolio and experiencing cross-cultural missions. Whether you love video and film, journalistic writing, graphic design in print or web, photography, or social media, we can customize an internship with specific projects that allow you to use your gifts for a greater purpose. You might cover a Christian rock band’s tour around Hungary or a youth English or sports camp through written and visual content and social media. Or maybe you can help us redesign a website for our baseball ministry or design a print newsletter. Whatever your specific gifts and passions, we can work with you to fill a special need and make a meaningful difference.
Suggested Dates: May 1 - Aug 31
Date Flexibility: Flexibility in length of time: 2 weeks - 4 months


plus airfare, visa and emergency medical insurance.*According to current currency exchange rates and your estimated time commitment. To be adjusted to actual dates of internship and actual exchange rates at the time of internship.

Number of Interns Needed: 2
Positions still available: 2

Proposed weekly schedule: Again depending upon your specific gifts and projects, you might be traveling with an outreach, or you might be working in our team office regularly. In the latter case, you could expect to spend weekday mornings working on projects in our office (while enjoying a constant supply of coffee) and taking part in our weekly prayer meeting and team devotions. You might have a few hours off in the afternoons for lunch, and then in the evenings possibly cover or help out with a ministry activity.

Training: You will receive orientation and cultural training upon arrival in Hungary and work closely with our field communications facilitator as a guide. Depending on your commitment time, you can also expect a regular meeting with a mentor to continue helping you adjust to the culture and invest in you spiritually.

Accommodations: Again, it depends upon your commitment time and which projects you are working on, but you will most likely stay in our OM team house. We have guest apartments complete with kitchen, bathroom and shower, bedrooms, and access to a washing machine. You will probably share these apartments with other OM summer interns.

Equipment: We have a team camera (non-DSLR) you can use for photos and video and a guest computer with access to InDesign CS4, but we would suggest you bring your own laptop/equipment if you would like.


Skills/ Experience Required:

The internship is customizable depending on the intern's specific passions with communications. Overall requirements include: 
- Skilled in storytelling, gathering information, speaking with others
- At least 1 year of experience or study in your skill

Qualifications of on-field supervisor: Bachelor's degree in journalism graphics. 4 years experience in magazine industry that include writing, editing, designing for print and web, video editing, social media engagement, photography, and photo editing. 1 Year experience in the field with OM with similar projects.
Is a homestay with a national possible? No


What Others Say...

God showed me that He has plans that I couldn't think up on my own if I tried, and that He has a place and a way for me to serve others every day. I just need to be sensitive, listen and obey in the small steps each day! [Read more]

Shirley Turner, served as a Teaching intern in Bosnia

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