Communications in Hungary

Use your passion for media and communications for God’s glory! If you have a couple spare weeks or a few months in the summer, you can fill a vital need for our OM team in Hungary: Sharing the stories of what God is doing and helping more people hear the Gospel while also building your portfolio and experiencing cross-cultural missions. Whether you love video and film, journalistic writing, graphic design in print or web, photography, or social media, we can customize an internship with specific projects that allow you to use your gifts for a greater purpose. You might cover a Christian rock band’s tour around Hungary or a youth English or sports camp through written and visual content and social media. Or maybe you can help us redesign a website for our baseball ministry or design a print newsletter. Whatever your specific gifts and passions, we can work with you to fill a special need and make a meaningful difference.

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Communications in Myanmar

Come experience the culture of Myanmar, as you interact with wonderful people who have intriguing stories to tell. Use your communications and photography skills to capture what God is doing and how He is revealing His heart for the world in Southeast Asia.

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What Others Say...

"I came with a desire to know more about what missions is like, and I believe that goal was accomplished." [Read more]

An Intercultural Studies intern who went to Nepal.

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