Internship Track: Business
Type of Internship: Business
Country: Jordan
Teaser: Come and join a team that is meeting the physical needs of local Muslims through aquaponics farming. As you learn, manage, and help expand the aquaponics greenhouse system, you will be able to love and be a neighbor to many wonderful people living in Amman, Jordan. Come join us as we bring love and hope to this city! 
Suggested Dates: Flexible
Date Flexibility: Flexible: possible timeframe 2-10 months


plus airfare and emergency medical insurance.*According to current currency exchange rates and your estimated time commitment. To be adjusted to actual dates of internship and actual exchange rates at the time of internship.

Number of Interns Needed: 2
Positions still available: 2

Roles and Responsibilities:

1) assist the team in the ongoing maintenance of the current aquaponics greenhouse system

2) learn the basics of aquaponics farming

3) be involved in troubleshooting, planning, and day- to-day chores around the greenhouse (some of it will involving getting dirty)

4) friendships with local hotel staff and neighbors

5) be involved with the team and wider field in prayer gatherings and training events, when appropriate

Proposed weekly schedule:

Sunday-Thursday - full day work at the greenhouse site under direct supervision of OM project staff

Friday - off day

Saturday - out in the city with friends and possibility for work-related outings and scouting trips

Skills/ Experience Required: Any of the following backgrounds, skills or education: agriculture, water/waste-water management, biology, aquaculture, business, construction, marketing, general sciences, hospitality
Qualifications of on-field supervisor: Field experience 8+ years, project director, 2 years, Bachelors of Environmental Biology (2008), extensive experience in leadership on the Near East field
Is a homestay with a national possible? No


What Others Say...

God showed me that He has plans that I couldn't think up on my own if I tried, and that He has a place and a way for me to serve others every day. I just need to be sensitive, listen and obey in the small steps each day! [Read more]

Shirley Turner, served as a Teaching intern in Bosnia

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