Internship Track: Education
Type of Internship: Teaching English
Country: Nepal
Teaser: When you join us as an English teacher you will experience how God is working in the villages. You will learn about the Nepali church, Hinduism and Buddhism, and the daily life of OM Nepal team members. Mainly you will teach the workers in and from Kathmandu. There will be plenty of opportunities to trek into remote areas of Nepal and teach our disciple makers too.
Suggested Dates: Choose your dates from 2-6 months
Date Flexibility: Minimum of 2 months


plus airfare, emergency medical insurance, and immunizations. *According to current currency exchange rates and your estimated time commitment. To be adjusted to actual dates of internship and actual exchange rates at the time of internship.

Number of Interns Needed: 2
Positions still available: 2
Description: The Nepalese people desire to learn English, but oftentimes schools are lacking in qualified teachers. You could help us to improve the English of our Nepali staff members, who are mostly working in the villages. By teaching them oral and written English, you empower them to be more involved in future global missions, as well as build their confidence to use what they already know to communicate better with the team and other international partners.

In Kathmandu you will receive introduction to the culture and basic training about the Nepali language and different religions. Based in Kathmandu you will help our Nepali staff members. Furthermore you will travel with a buddy to some of the least-reached districts. In these rural areas you will visit various teams and work closely with our disciple makers. You will pray over areas where we want to see fruit and get a taste of what ministry among people in one of the hardest-to-reach countries is like.
Skills/ Experience Required: You are ready and most welcome to join when you:
• Able to function and work well in a cross cultural community.
• Native English speaker is preferred, but we are open to anyone who has experience in teaching English (TEOFL certificate or equivalent an advantage but not necessary);
• Are able to plan and prepare your own lesson plans.
• Are willing to travel (a lot) in Nepal;
• Are in fairly good health condition, both physically and emotionally;
• Are open to God changing your life;
• Are self-motivated and disciplined;
• will be flexible with any changes or circumstances;
Qualifications of on-field supervisor: TESL certificate, BA in world religions, and years of field experience
Is a homestay with a national possible? Yes


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